Saturday, April 23, 2005


This Episcopal priest resigns to become a Druid. His wife, also both a Druid and Episcopal priestess, applauded her husbands efforts to "exercise his ministry in an interfaith context." Need I say more?

I see, too, that the ELCA will consider a resolution later this year at its church-wide assembly permitting openly gay and lesbian clergy to serve the church if they are in "committed relationships." For more of my thoughts on this madness, click here.

Degenhart on draft resistance. I particularly like this quote from the late Greg Bahnsen, "No nation can claim the right to aggressive warfare or to policing the world (for whatever proffered rationale: e.g., “to make the world safe for democracy,” “to end all wars,” “to guarantee the right of national self-determination”). When a magistrate goes to war for an unjustified cause, then the Christian who follows the Westminster Confession has the duty (not merely the right) to resist this practice of murder." In any event, the church should give this some thought, because they will soon be coming for our sons--and daughters.

Mark Godfrey on Christian political pragmatism.

Not only were the wars in Vietnam and Korea good ideas, but Andrew Sandlin thinks we should have done something in Cambodia, too. Maybe Sandlin should read the Bahnsen quote above.

Michael Kinsley on the great neocon reversal. I hadn't thought about it before, but Kinsley is correct that the earlier neocons like Kirkpatrick were realists when it came to "human rights" issues and hadn't yet swallowed the democratist Kool-Aid. What happened?

"Justice Sunday" is tomorrow evening. I had intended to go and report on the event, but the crowd is SRO. Apparently, tickets were limited to just two mega-churches in town. In today's Courier-Journal, there is an article detailing the efforts of local liberal clergyman to derail the proceedings. Read the article for yourself and see if you aren't disgusted by both "sides."