Friday, April 22, 2005

Abortion Battles

The Illinois House passed a bill on Wednesday which would make it a criminal offense for an ultrasound to be administered without a doctor's order.

The legislation was supported by Planned Murderhood and sponsored by pro-abort State Rep. Rosemary Mulligan who said, "There's a new little industry that does ultrasound videos on babies before they're born for entertainment purposes. There is concern about the neurological development with long exposure."

"We should be concerned about the long term health of the fetus," said Rep. Mulligan, who is so concerned about the health of these precious little ones that she voted against a ban on partial birth abortion.

Evidently it is much more dangerous to perform an ultrasound than an abortion.

Meanwhile, here in Indiana, the House approved legislation 84-12 requiring abortion providers to tell a woman she can see an ultrasound of the fetus or hear the heartbeat, if there is one, before the procedure. Predictably, opponents of the measure were concerned about the undue burdens it would put on women already struggling with a "difficult decision."


Blogger Todd said...

Oh, yes... a "difficult decision". I wonder if there are other situations in which it would be considered cruel to help someone make a "difficult decision" by giving them all of the facts first - like the fact that the fetus is a living being with fingers, toes, and a beating heart. The extent to which the darkness is WILLINGLY held onto by those in the dark is amazing. :| Good post, Chad

9:53 AM  
Blogger Darrell said...

I appreciate that you thought I was Dehenhart, but I don't write nearly that well. Read my exegesis of Romans 1 for more on why these characters remain in the dark.

9:33 AM  

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