Friday, March 04, 2005

Conservative Censors

In a recent essay, Nicholas Stix points to a disturbing trend on conservative Web sites. Stix says that writers who support immigration restriction are having their columns censored. Stix points to the fact that, sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, has dropped Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, and the late Sam Francis. He also references the continuing shenanigans of Jim Robinson at Free Republic who bans posts citing articles by anyone associated with the webzine VDARE.

If Stix is correct, I think he misses the point. It isn't the immigration issue that incenses most conservatives these days, it is the strident anti-imperialist rhetoric of writers such as Buchanan, Roberts, and Francis. Whatever nice things you may say about Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter, who both support immigration restrictions, they are unabashed supporters of the Warfare State.

Stix is correct that our elite doesn't want an open discussion of the immigration issue, as they are the only one's that benefit from an open-borders policy (as I have written elsewhere). But the Jacobins on the political Right are much less willing to entertain critiques of America's messianic foreign policy.


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