Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Tale and the Dog in Iran

According to Philip Giraldi of Cannistraro Associates, Iranian officials have started making contingency plans in the event of a U. S. attack. An extensive counter-attack against Israel, American military bases in the Middle East, and potential terror attacks in Europe are all on the agenda. There is also unconfirmed intelligence that Iran has convinced the North Koreans to arm Iranian missiles with nuclear warheads.

Mr. Bush and the neocons appear set on provoking confrontation and driving Iran and other “rogue states” into something of an alliance. Seymour Hersh has reported and Giraldi confirms that U. S. special-forces are already active in Iran, directing members of the Saddam Hussein supported Iranian dissident group Mujaheddid-e Khalq (MEK).

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter says that the president has already signed off on an aerial assault of Iran to be carried out in June. That would explain the increased use of U. S. drones flying over Iran to begin testing Iranian air defenses.

Why the rush to do something about Iran? Israel! According to the Rowan Scarborough, “Israel has been privately pressing Washington to solve the Iran nuclear problem in a hint that Tel Aviv may be left with no choice but to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities, defense officials say.” Before the Iraq war, Israeli PM Ariel Sharon said the U. S. should "March to Tehran the day Baghdad falls." Who is the tale and who is the dog? Scarborough continues:

Tel Aviv's concerns are one reason the Bush administration in the past year has ratcheted up its rhetoric and its intelligence collection on Iran's clandestine program to build nuclear weapons, including surveillance flights by unmanned U.S. planes. The officials said they think President Bush, who has adopted a policy of pre-emption to prevent terrorists from obtaining atomic arms, is on a course to take military action before he leaves office in 2009.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ritter's mentioning that Bush already has laid plans to attack Iran is new to me, Darrell. Here we go again. This guy is a complete madman. The arrogance he showed in Europe this week, his lecturing Putin and others. Oy! Ask the detainees in Cuba about the "freedom" they're experiencing, their having no legal right to representation and that for a lifetime! We've become the very thing we claim to oppose. But Richard Land and Bill Bennett have no objection. Maybe Bennett will write some bedtime stories for kids extolling torture, how it can be wholesome and build you up on the inside.

John Lowell

6:11 PM  

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