Saturday, February 26, 2005

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According to this article, in some Nebraska school districts, up to 1/3 of students are learning English as a second language. This immivasion has provoked some white parents into enrolling their children in smaller rural schools. Look for Nebraska lawmakers to try and thwart such racism.

Looks like schism may be in the cards within the Anglican Communion. We should be praying for our sane brothers and sisters in the Episcopal Church and pray for revival there, but in truth, it is probably time for them to leave that apostate church behind.

Glenn Plummer, outgoing chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters, says the Israeli's shouldn't give up even an inch of land. "It is my opinion that Israel needs to hang on to the land that they have and not give it up. If [the Palestinians] want a state, let it be in Jordan," said Plummer. Perhaps since Mr. Plummer will be in need of a job he can be made a special American envoy to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Hal Lindsey is having a party! He claims that the Sanhedrin (remember those guys!) is getting back in business and a rebuilt temple is just a matter of time. I'm no expert in theology, particularly the complex arcana of dispensational eschatology charts, so I'll just direct you to piece here by a historic premillenialist and another by preterist author Gary DeMar. (See also DeMar's response to a critic.)

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but I've seen very little written about the administration's shenanigans in terms of manipulating the media by handing out federal largesse to sympathetic members of the press corps like Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher. Now I see that a gay prostitute, and apparently a neocon, was cavorting around the White House. Raimondo wants to know who gave "Jeff Gannon" access the press pool and for what purpose?

Clearly part of the scheme was to lob softball questions at a beleaguered White House press secretary facing a barrage of pointed questions about the war and the Bush administration's many scandals. However, the idea was also to debunk and distract attention away from the questions that were beginning to be raised not only about the Plame matter, but also about the series of outright fabrications that represented a great deal of this administration's case for going to war. That case had been made by influential neocons now facing scrutiny from Congress and the Justice Department, and Gannon served as their personal pitbull, going after Wilson and other debunkers of the neocons' war myth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was enough that lady priests and bishops had been ordained to cause Rome to step back on what had been, in the 1970's anyway, reasonably promising ecumenical discussions with the Anglican Church. Gene Robinson ended any possibility of new discussions being re-opened or their yielding positive results. A number of Anglican parishes have sought safety in a new relationship with Rome and have been accomodated warmly. Even the matter of there having been married priests in these cases was resolved. While I admire the attempts of the orthodox Anglican dioceses to organize and resist, they must know that it's only a matter of time before the Archbishop of Canterbury lets them down. What can you expect of a Church that had its beginning in ego-centricity, defiance and divorce? And I offer such criticism as one who was baptised an Episcopalian.

But what strikes me most about the matter is the utter unconcern shown by Robinson and his entourage over his ordination's effect on Church unity, internal or external. But that seems to be the modus operandi when it comes to any similar questions that have had significance for homosexuals: adoption, marriage, etc. They certainly didn't care when ACTUP sent demonstrators to desecrate consecrated hosts at St. Pat's in New York ten or fifteen years ago. They're focused, committed like the SA brownshirts were focused in 1933. And they'll not be mollified by Dobson's or Bush's willingness to accept civil unions on a state-by-state basis as a trade off for acceptance of the proposed constitutional amendment safeguarding sacramental marriage. A certain minimum of intelligence is required to parry homosexual aggression. Clearly, with Dobson's stupidity in the recent SpongeBob Squarepants episode we're seeing little or none of that at the moment.

John Lowell

5:21 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

I agree, John, that the most shocking thing about the Robinson fiasco is the willingness of American and Canadian bishops to sow such division in the body over the gay issue.

For me, the dispute is primarily about the authority of Scripture. At one point, Robinson said that there were only 7 Biblical references condemning homosexuality and that we should "plow right through those."

Sorry, but once you start to treat the Holy Scriptures like a meal at Old Country Buffet, there is no end to the mischief that can be created.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Darrell,

What has always annoyed me about comments of the kind you cite Robinson as making is the abject nakedness of the reasoning involved. The Church is simply to be modified to meet the standard of some external criteria, usually something scientific or social-scientific. In this case tolerance and its requirements are absolutized and the reasoning is simply assumed to be grounded in Holy Scripture and the interpretive tradition when only the most tortuous logic could reach such a conclusion. There can be no blinking the fact that an acted-upon homosexual impulse is sin yet so embedded have become ideas hatched and considered as sacred in the popular culture that the Church itself has difficulty mounting a concerted defense against them. The Episcopal Church is finished, beyond repair. The influence of its homosexual clergy has become so compelling and the apathy of the man in the pew so total that now, clearly, the Rubicon has been crossed. Whatever the schismatic overtones this episode may have, the Episcopal Church is a deviant church purely and simply and it will stay that way. Had it not been for the embarrassment of the recent scandals the Roman Catholic Church likely would have followed a similar path. In my view, it is God's intervention that brought those poor little ones forward to make their accusations. I'm still unhappy with the response, although a good beginning has been made. One detects even at the level of the Vatican a certain unfortunate tendency to deal with clerical abuse reluctantly. While the abuses are acknowledged and condemned there remains a certain circling of the wagons at times, an emphasis on so protecting the innocent that all else seems peripheral. One has a greater sympathy with the personal experience of Martin Luther at such moments. Here as never before have I become aware of the special perogatives enjoyed by the priesthood in its administration of the Church and in the possibilty of the reality of its abuse. The Episcopal Church has been unable to dodge the bullet. The Catholic Church has, but only by the grace of God.

John Lowell

11:38 PM  

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