Monday, February 07, 2005

Freedom, or Some Such Thing, Goes a Marchin'

A pastor gets a visit from the FBI after preaching sermons about abortion and homosexuality. Freedom is on the march!

Harry Browne breaks down the Iraqi elections. And some other good news from Iraq--Shiites are demanding an Islamic constitution. Yes, indeed, freedom is on the march.

In France, Jean-Marie Le Pen said that the Nazi occupation of France during World War II as "not especially inhumane." Paris prosecutors are looking into whether Le Pen's comments represent a "denial of crimes against humanity" or "apology for war crimes." If so, it's off to the pokey. Freedom--still marching.

"Pro-Family" hacks praise Bush State of the Union speech.

I've written about the spirit of Jacobinism among certain sectors of the "conservative movement." Now Scott McConnell, editor of The American Conservative, has written a hard-hitting piece on the "Hunger for Dictatorship." I think McConnell is a bit sanguine about the notion that freedom is on the move.

Here is a fine essay by Jim Pinkerton on George Wilson Bush.

The aging of populations around the world is likely to strain resources. In our full embrace of the culture of death, we will soon be reaping what we have sown.

Better late than never. The Dutch have come to the conclusion that they have an Islamic problem.

In case you've forgoteen, freedom is on the march.

U. S. troops protecting the borders--of Iraq!

Paul Craig Roberts is America's best columnist. Here is a little gem he wrote back in mid-December:

Bush’s war is achieving a Shi’ite unity that will redraw Middle Eastern boundaries and eliminate secular Muslim governments. Shi’ite unity will merge with the anti-American terrorists and drive all Western expatriates out of the Middle East. Indeed, the departures are already underway. Israel will be isolated, exposed to the consequences of its aggression against the Palestinians.

Fox "News" and right-wing talk radio crazies misinform us that we are kicking terrorist butt, but in non-delusional reality, we are unifying Islam and ending forever Western influence in the Middle East.

So Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher received federal largesse to serve as administration shills, and now it looks like the Pentgon might have ponied up cash to journalists to try and shape policy in the Balkans. It's all about freedom and democracy.

This is hilarious! Economist Hans Hoppe was lecturing and explained that homosexuals may have different time preferences than heterosexuals, due to the fact that they lead a riskier lifestyle, do not have children, etc. For this offense against human dignity, he was dragged before a group of Stalinists at UNLV. I had the privilege of sitting in on several lectures by Hoppe about a decade ago, and he is a man of great intellect who does not bow the golden calf of political correctness. As a result, he will spend his career at UNLV rather than the University of Chicago, or that bastion of academic freedom, Harvard. Like I said, freedom is on the march.


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