Saturday, January 15, 2005

Silly Baptists

Baptist ethicist Richard Land (for more on Land click here and here) has written an advice column to George Bush encouraging him to "stay the course." Far from being a Machiavellian, Land says that Bush is a man of principle and Biblical conviction, driven by the desire to unite faith and practice. Land writes:

President George W. Bush is known for sticking with the positions he has developed thoughtfully and prayerfully. As the Bush administration begins its second term, it is my prayer that the president will stay the course he plotted during his first four years in the White House...

Why is the president so hard to distract from his message? Because his beliefs are a matter of heartfelt conviction, not political convenience. He sincerely believes he is in the White House for a greater purpose. At the 2002 National Prayer Breakfast, Bush said, “Faith gives the assurance that our lives and our history have a moral design.”

The president’s positions are principled. His positions are matters of the heart, not driven by the winds of public opinion or media pressure. He appreciates the biblical truth that there should be a direct correlation between one’s faith and daily life.

Notice that it is the mere existence of principles that satisfies Land and most evangelicals. What those principles are in reality rather than merely rhetorically is a secondary consideration.

More eloquently than I could ever manage, Dave Black put the matter into perspective:

To say that there is a crisis of credibility in the Bush White House is to dangerously understate the problem. Whether the issue is sodomy, abortion, the war in Iraq, the Federal Marriage Amendment, Homeland Security, or the Bush record in general, weeping and repentance is the only faithful response to the scandalous, unconstitutional disobedience that characterizes the halls of our federal government.

And all God's people said...turn on Bill O'Reilly


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