Monday, December 13, 2004

More on Flew, Public Education, and the Perils of Empire

More reasons to avoid public schools: Here in Clark County, Indiana, the local school board will be meeting tomorrow evening to develop a job description for the new "multicultural coordinator." With mostly Dutch and Scottish blood running through my veins, I'm hoping that Van Gogh and John Knox will soon be making an appearance in the local curriculum. According to the Census Bureau, Clark County is 91% white, but I'm guessing that our new multicultural coordinator will soon have our children participating in Kwanza and learning about Islamic rituals.

In Florida, nearly 1/3 of teachers, substitutes and aides failed their certification tests at least once. One Florida paper says, "The findings raise questions about Florida's education reforms, which require students to pass standardized tests to advance, yet allow teachers to fail exams dozens of times and still stand at the front of a classroom." Read this article, then send little Johnny to Low Expectations High.

This guy has been disciplined by the Mormon Church for claiming that Joseph Smith was not the recipient of divine revelation. If only Protestants were as serious about maintaining the integrity of the true Scriptures.

The Washington Times is reporting that internal Army documents advocate changing Pentagon rules in a way that may put women in ground-combat situations. What if these documents had been produced under the Clinton-Cohen regime? Do you think Dobson, Falwell, Colson, Kennedy, Land and the rest might have had something to say? I eagerly await their condemnation of this unbiblical nonsense. For more of my thoughts on women in combat and the egalitarian presuppositions undergirding it, read this short essay.

A judge has indicted Augusto Pinochet. I'm going to get in trouble for this, but...Pinochet is a patriot and a Chilean hero. He saved his country from Communist subversion, and brought Chile back from the brink economic meltdown. Isn't it amazing that leftists of every stripe can murder with impunity, but a hero like Pinochet is dogged all the way to his grave?

In 1971, Allende took over after winning about 37% of the vote, if memory serves. By late 1973, Allende's policies had produced 190% inflation. The Left started smuggling weapons and began serious violence early in Allende's term. In fact, the Left was attempting to co-opt the armed forces and had more weapons than the army. Their intent was clear. Pinochet led a coup that was supported by all three armed forces and there was little opposition to the coup itself, evidence that Allende and the Left had little popular enthusiasm. So who was responsible for more needless deaths? Stalin, Pincohet, Bush, Castro, or Mao?

More on Antony Flew. Here is an interview Flew gave to Gary Habermas explaining why he is no longer an atheist.

The military is desperate for bodies that they are bringing in women (see above) and 70-year-old men. Hardly the military of an aspiring empire.

Don't look for Republicans to do anything about immigration. In fact, we can be sure that as the TSA pats down our wives, sisters, and daughters, millions of illegals will seep across our porous, unguarded border. Collectively, this will be called "waging war on terror."


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