Saturday, December 18, 2004

Items in the News

The "Religious Right" scares Chuck Baldwin. Me, too!

Hillary gets to the right of George Bush on immigration. Frankly, it is not difficult to get to the right of Bush on anything, but Hillary's move on immigration is potentially a play for white voters in the red states. Unfortunately, the Republicans will not do anything about the outrageous levels of immigration. If there are going to be limitations on immigration, the impetus will have to come from sensible elements on the political left. In other words, we're in bad shape.

God used to sell burgers. Ain't capitalism grand?

Options for Christians in Iraq: 1) die, 2) run, 3) fight.

These teens are charged with using a bat to kill a fetus. If they had simply gone to a "doctor," and burned out the fetus, or ripped it apart, there would have been no problem. This is called "choice" and "reproductive freedom."

Baptists are fat. OK, so we can't have a beer or drink wine to observe the Lord's Supper, but the gluttonous consumption of donuts and coffee is just fine. Makes sense to me.

Charles Krauthammer says that Afghan elections are akin to a Christmas miracle. Eric Margolis begs to differ.

An interview with Joe Sobran. It's amazing we live in a country where Sobran is ignored and people actually care what George Will or Maureen Dowd have to say.


Blogger Chad said...

Re: Fat Baptists - I always wondered how people could take seriously a 300-pound glutton who got behind the pulpit and tried to tell people about the freedom from the flesh that Christ offers. Yet people would be mortified if the guy behind the pulpit was chain-smoking or quenching his thirst with whiskey.

Maybe we should discuss it after Sunday-School in the narthex, where they'll be serving coffee and donuts.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

As a Southern Baptist myself, I resent your unwarranted, hateful remarks. We can only make fun or ourselves, you can't. Kidding, of course

You're on the money, Chad. My little Southern Baptist church, which I love dearly, by the way, has a church covenant that forbids members from consuming alcohol. The covenant was written in the 1920's and we don't actually use it, but it is strange, don't you think that drinking a beer is seemingly considered sinful, but we can have a "donut fellowship" before Bible study?

6:34 AM  

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