Friday, December 03, 2004

The Christian Coalition and La Raza: Peas in a Pod?

The Christian Coalition is once again shilling on behalf of Alberto Gonzales to be the next Attorney General:

"Christian Coalition of America is calling on Christian Coalition activists to contact their United States Senators to urge them to vote to confirm Judge Alberto Gonzales as the new Attorney General. Left-wing groups are already forming a coalition to defeat this highly-qualified man to be America's top law enforcement officer. On the other hand, the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, the National Council of La Raza, has endorsed President George W. Bush's nomination of Judge Gonzales as Attorney General. President Bush nominated this week another Hispanic to be his new Commerce Secretary, Carlos Gutierrez, the chief executive officer of the Kellogg cereal company, who was born in Cuba."

This "action alert" comes on the heals of a Coalition press release lauding Gonzales despite his pro-abortion and pro-quota stances.

Coalition president, and chief quisling, Roberta Combs, seems to think that Gonzales' Hispanic ethnicity and the support of La Raza are his most compelling qualifications.

Once more, we see that conservative Christian parachurch organizations like the Christian Coalition are typically neither Christian nor conservative.


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