Friday, December 03, 2004

Anarcho-Tyranny, Multiculturalism, and Other Nonsense

Sam Francis coined the term "anarcho tyranny" to describe the simultaneous existence of armed dictatorship and the absence of the rule of law. In a recent column, Francis explains that current immigration policy is a part of the strategy of the regime:

The horror is that despite the obvious harm of mass immigration on the daily life of American communities, authorities are not willing to take any even elementary steps to control or check it. Their reluctance obviously doesn't extend to snooping around law-abiding Americans who have to put up with random "bomb searches."

But the reason we have to have bomb searches at all is that the authorities for decades have refused to enforce existing immigration laws, so that we now have imported a massive potential fifth column able and willing to wage terrorism against us.

What President Bush doesn't get (among much else) is that "coming to work" can be as much an act of warfare as setting bombs and is often a rather more effective weapon with which to destroy a nation.

The price of mass immigration is not only cultural disintegration but also the gradual construction of a police state that becomes the only force able to hold the country together once mass immigration has come to work.

The era of the dollar may soon come crashing to an end ushering in an "economic Armageddon."

The numbers of Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs are all up by more than 80 per cent in Canada. Meanwhile, at least 10% of Iraqi Christians have fled in the face of "democracy" and "liberty" in Iraq. Ain't diversity grand?

A Bush-appointed judge has overturned Arizona's Proposition 200, a popular ballot initiative that restricted welfare for "undocumented aliens," i.e., criminals who have disregarded American law and sovereignty. Judge Bury said the proposition would have "a dramatic chilling effect upon undocumented aliens who would otherwise be eligible for public benefits under federal law." Does anyone seriously believe we are living in a free country when a black-robed Brahmin can use that type of reasoning to overturn a referendum supported by 56% of state residents?

Amazing medical discovery--Gay men susceptible to HIV. Who would've thunk it?

Coming soon to a locale near you, Shia Government:

As American troop reinforcements head to Iraq, the Bush administration is slowly coming to terms with the realisation that elections scheduled for next month could spell the end of Iyad Allawi, prime minister and the secular US favourite, and usher in a quasi-theocracy.

Nothing is certain, not even the January 30 election date, yet there is a growing expectation in Washington that a coalition dominated by religious parties of the Shia majority is likely to emerge as the first Shia Muslim government in the Arab world.

David Corn asks, "Are We Winning,Yet?" As Iraqi rebels move back into Fallujah, methinks the answer is no.

With grandma and grandpa in town, Kathy and I snuck out of the house to see "National Treasure." This latest exercise in foolishness by Jerry Schlockmeister is a complete waste of time and money. I'm begging you, read a book, play with the kids, go rent "The Addiction," watch some paint dry...whatever. But if you go to this movie, you will never see that 2 1/2 hours and $7 ever again. Or you could go see "The Incredibles," the latest little production from Pixar. It is fabulous, or, better still, incredible.


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