Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Week in Review

I covered some domestic politics below, so let's head overseas to see what is going on...

In case you missed it, Arafat died. While no one should lionize this thug, it might also do everyone some good to look past the lies being spread by his detractors. Since the failure at Camp David, a myth has arisen that Arafat was offered a fair deal by Barak and Clinton which would have created a viable Palestinian state. Take a look at the map of the actual proposal and you will quickly be disabused of that notion.

Meanwhile, the Israelis desecrated a church to arrest Mordechai Vanunu. Vanunu spilled the beans on the Israeli nuke program back in 1986. A convert to Christianity, Vanunu is not allowed to leave Israel. Strangely, it seems likely that American Christians would have more sympathy for Vanunu if he denied Christ and started reading the Talmud.

Maybe we should be restoring democracy to Europe. Belgium's highest court banned the Vlaams Blok, a Flemish independence party that was the largest party in the country. The reason: they are a bunch of racists!!


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