Saturday, November 13, 2004

Conservative Votes, Liberal Victories

Looking to quickly capitalize on his election victory, George Bush bluntly extended an upright middle finger to the conservatives and Evangelicals who merrily and mindlessly put him back into office.

Shortly before the election, Steve Sailer wrote that the primary issue in the election was accountability, i.e., would there be any. Sailer feared, quite rightly, "…that if we re-elect Bush, we will be rewarding the kind of behavior we've seen for the last four years, and thus we will get more of it in the future." Alas, Sailer has been shown to be prophetic.

This week saw the administration set out on several fronts to provide amnesty to criminals…er, "undocumented workers." According to the Washington Times, Bush met with Senator McCain to discuss jump-starting a nation-destroying White House proposal to grant legal status to millions of lawbreakers who flouted American immigration laws.

Meanwhile, Colin Powell told the U.S.-Mexican Bi-National Commission that "the president is committed to comprehensive immigration reform as a high priority in his second term, and he will work closely with our Congress to achieve this goal."

Later in the week, Mr. Bush introduced Alberto Gonzales as his nominee to be the next Attorney General. With this nominee, the president has united the quislings at Focus on the Family, the 'Christian' Coalition, and National Right to Life Committee with the kooks at La Raza.

As a Supreme Court judge in Texas, Gonazles was instrumental in a decision that allowed an underage girl to procure "family planning services" without her parent's consent, in clear contravention of Texas' parental notification law. Gonzales is also supportive of racial preferences and quotas.

All I can say is, don't blame me, I voted for Peroutka.


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