Wednesday, October 13, 2004

In the News

David "Axis of Evil" Frum is a liar! I know, I know, you're shocked! Frum, who is neither an American (actually, he may now be a citizen) nor a conservative, became famous in recent years for being a mouthpiece for Mr. Bush and an accuser of the paleoconservatives. Frum called Buchanan, Novak, Fleming, Francis, Raimondo, and the rest, "unpatriotic conservatives." The problem, you see, is that they were all prophecying disaster in Iraq while Frummer Boy and the rest of those barrel-chested neocons were predicting a cakewalk or, like Michael Ledeen, trying to drum up their own little war.

Frum, Ledeen and the rest have never gotten close to war themselves, unless you count those games of Risk they are playing over at the American Enterprise Institute. Hence, they might really be surprised to read that the US faces a complex insurgency in Iraq!

It's always nice to see Pat Robertson in the news. Not so long ago Pat told everyone that God had given him a good word that the smart money was on a Bush blowout in November. Now, Brother Pat has gone to Israel, where he criticized the president and seemed to be arguing that Ariel Sharon hasn't been quite tough enough on those Palestinians. Robertson said that that if Mr. Bush made any concessions on Jerusalem that evangelicals would desert the Republicans and form a third-party. It's great to know that evangelical leaders are reeeaaalllly concerned about diplomacy in the Middle East, even if they don't care about compromise on abortion, sodomy, statist education, lying to drag the country into war, etc.


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