Saturday, September 18, 2004

Tom Fleming Bodyslams the Neocons...and More

Rich Lowry (send him mail) recently said that the paleconservatives described by David Frum as "unpatriotic conservatives," are "people who think the North should have lost the Civil War. They are people who think this country has been polluted by minorities and they are people who more or less want to fellow travel with our enemies in the war on terror." Lowry is speaking here of the likes of Pat Buchanan, Bob Novak, Tom Fleming, Sam Franics, Justin Raimondo, and probably me, too.

Tom Fleming, perhaps the smartest man in America, and one fantastic polemicist, responds in kind. Here is a tiny morsel--but read the rest!!

The ugly truth is that conservative politicos and political intellectuals are, in general, a disreputable lot. There is more than one bogus Ph.D., several plagiarists—including neoconservative Michael Ledeen, who was denied tenure at Washington University on a number of grounds including plagiarism—and at least one prominent perjurer: Elliot Abrams, who was forbidden to testify on Capitol Hill after lying to Congress. The loathing of Abrams, Norman Podhoretz’s son-in-law, is nonpartisan. Republican Sen. Dave Durenberger once summed up the general sentiment: "I wouldn’t trust Elliott any further than I could throw Ollie North." Abrams’ current position in the Bush administration, it should be noted, did not require Senate confirmation.

I have not even mentioned the innumerable “conservative” politicos and commentators who cheated on their wives and/or dumped them for younger women:
Phil Gramm, Dan Crane, Bob Dole, George Will, Newt Gingrich, Deal Hudson, Rush Limbaugh, and Bob Tyrell, though Tyrell’s swinging has not prevented him from commenting on the problems caused by divorce. The King of Swing may have been the former president of Hillsdale College, but the less said about him the better. What is repulsive about conservatives is not so much their peccadilloes—errare est humanum—as their smarmy pretense to be the vanguard of a moral revolution.

Here is another piece trying to explain what George Bush believes about Christianity. Pieter Friedrich, on the other hand, calls Bush a heretic. I've offered a few thoughts about this previously, but let me say for the record that I don't really doubt the sincerity of Mr. Bush's confession. However, he is not particularly thoughtful, nor are most Christians, about how their faith applies to life. Bush is no different in this respect from the millions of faithful who read Rick Warren and Bill Hybels and say, "it changed my life." Until the church stops simpliying the faith, peddling nothing but milk, skim milk to be precise, and teaches meaty systematic doctrine and theology to the hungry flock, our civilization will continue to decline.


Blogger Pieter said...

As I told my mom a few days ago, I believe Bush is a heretic. However, the fact that he's guilty of heresy doesn't, in my opinion, mean he's not a Christian. What it does mean is that he's in grievous such grievous error, in fact, that he's unsuited for leadership.

Of course, it's always possible Bush isn't a Christian. But after contemplation I've decided it's best not to make that call at this point. And his profession of faith does *seem* sincere, but I won't discount the possibility that it only seem sincere because he's playing the part of a good manipulatory politician.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

I agree with everything you wrote, Pieter.

One other thing about Bush that I have found annoying is his tendency to improperly use Scripture. In the wilderness, we see Satan use Scripture in his temptation of Christ. Too many of our Christian brothers get all excited when Bush's evangelical speech writers toss in a verse or two from Isaiah into Bush's public pronouncements. Yet they never consider that to add or take away from the Scripture is to distort and pervert God's Word, something politicians do on a regular basis.

Love your blog, and I'm glad that your brother is doing well.

7:46 PM  

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