Saturday, September 18, 2004

Are Darwinists on the Run?

Dr. Albert Mohler published an interesting commentary earlier this week on the controversy surrounding Dr. Steven Meyer.

Meyer published a peer-reviewed paper that argued quite simply that "neo-Darwinism fails to provide a mechanism that can produce large-scale innovations in form and complexity." In other words, natural selection is an inadequate mechanism to explain the novelty of the multiple, varied, and complex life forms that arose during the Cambrian explosion. In short, Darwinism is a theory that has not and will not, because it cannot, explain the origin of life.

After dispensing with a number of different evolutionary models, Meyer posits that, "intelligent selection--purposive or goal-directed design," i.e., a purposeful Creator, may be the explanation. Needless to say, the evolutionists went bonkers, apologizing for publishing something so vile and issuing what amounted to shrill doctrinal statements in defense of their faith.

Darwinists are on the run and the Intelligent Design movement is one of the most promising intellectual movements on the contemporary scene. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary entered the fray over ID this week by establishing the Center for Science and Theology with William Dembski as its director. We wish him well.

Thomas Kuhn in the Structure of Scientific Revolutions argued that paradigm shifts in scientific thought generally occur very quickly. May Dembski and his cohorts kick the legs out from under the materialists.


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