Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wednesday Blues

Demeaning the Body of Christ:

"Irreverent and trend-driven, the goods reflect what is happening in Protestant churches, where people are leaving formal, tradition-steeped denominations in favor of independent, informal but theologically conservative churches. As many young Christians are pursuing faith outside the church, in rock bands or free-floating ministries, they are also seeking wares outside established Christian markets."

Democrats aborting themselves out of existence--I'll leave the cynical thoughts to my readers. This does, however, explain Democrat support for mass immigration. If you are going to kill off your voters in the womb, you have to replace them. Hence, the Dems want to import voters.

Bush V. Kerry--and the winner is...Ariel Sharon:

"A leaked draft of the Democratic Party platform and recent statements by John Kerry suggest that a Democratic White House would continue the Bush administration's enthusiastic support for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon."

Why are so many American PhDs unemployed? Immigration.
Rubenstein shows that as the number of American PhDs has increased, so has the unemployment rate among natives. The unemployment rate for computer programmers is now 6.5%, actually seven-tenths of a percent above the unemployment rate for the workforce as a whole.

A few billion here, a few billion there, and pretty soon you are talking about real money.
According to this article by David Hackworth, $8.8 BILLION dollars has gone missing in Iraq. Meanwhile, grunts in the field are having to pony up $9 for a pizza and $3 for a movie.


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