Friday, August 20, 2004

In the News Today...

Bush girls to attend gay marriage ceremony. Perhaps Mr. Bush should clean up things in his own family and not worry about mine. I have to be concerned about any father that let’s his daughters consort with sodomites.

40,000 Christians flee Iraq. Christians were protected under Hussein’s regime. Now they are hunted. Glad to see we are brining freedom and democracy to Iraq.

John Kerry has said publicly that he will not negotiate with Arafat, thereby aligning himself with Mr. Bush and the Likudniks. So Peres and Rabin could negotiate with Arafat, we could negotiate with the Libyans, not to mention align ourselves with Uncle Joe Stalin in WWII, but John Kerry can’t sit across the table from Arafat? Makes perfect sense to me.

"U. S. dominance of the Middle East is not the corrective to terror. It is a cause of terror. Were we not over there, the 9/11 terrorists would not have been over here. And while their acts were murderous and despicable, behind their atrocities lay a political motive. We were attacked because of our imperial presence on the sacred soil of the land of Mecca and Medina, because of our enemies’ perception that we were strangling the Iraqi people with sanctions and preparing to attack a second time, and because our uncritical support of the Likud regime of Ariel Sharon."--Pat Buchanan

"In the race to determine which candidate is more interventionist, Kerry is now neck-and-neck with Bush, and, who knows, he may even pull ahead before November," says Justin Raimondo. Alas, we should not be surprised. Thomas Woods recently wrote a piece in "The American Conservative" about the myth of the Progressive Peacnik. Indeed, as Bob Dole once remarked, all the major wars of the 20th century were "Democrat wars." WWI and WWII, along with Korea and Vietnam were undertaken with the duplicity of Dems. New Left historian Gabriel Kolko has gone so far as to argue that on the question of empire, Bush may be preferable to Kerry. Wonder what the fishing is like around here in November.


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