Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Coming Realignment?

At a recent even sponsored by the Free Congress Foundation, Bob Novak made the following stunning prediction:

"If George W. Bush loses this election, you are going to find an implosion in the Republican Party. The Christian conservatives will be blamed, unfairly I think, by people who don't want them in the party."

Novak predicts that the ascent to the presidency of one of the senate's most liberal members would trigger a realignment in American politics and inaugurate the ascendancy of the Democrats.

My question is, will anyone notice the difference? Bush's embrace of big government (No Child Left Behind, The "Patriot Act," cheap drugs for old-timers, spending habits that would make LBJ blush, a tacit defense of affirmative action, wars to remake Mesopotamia--talk about social engineering, etc.) has made him virtually indistinguishable from his liberal counterparts.

As for Christians being blamed for the coming debacle, they have nowhere to look but in the mirror. Their unqualified embrace a big-government, war-mongering conservatism, represented by Bush and the Neocons, was strateically foolish and unprincipled. As the Scriptures say, you shall reap what you sow.


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