Sunday, July 18, 2004

Stuff I Wish I Had Written

I recently read Neil Postman's fantastic book, "Amusing Ourselves to Death."  That little book is filled with so much great stuff, I didn't know where to begin.  I set out hoping to use his thesis to construct an essay buttressing my conviction that "seeker sensitive," entertainment-driven worship is from the pit of hell.  However, after a few minutes of searching Google, I found a great essay by Mike Horton arguing that style is not neutral and another by Dave Brown called "Entertaining Ourselves in Church," both of which rely heavily on Postman's work. 
If you have never read E. Michael Jones, read this essay on Jews in the porn industry, this one on Harry Potter and the culture of narcissism, and this one on the pedophilia crises in the Catholic Church.  Jones is the editor of Culture Wars, a conservative Catholic monthly published in South Bend. 
You shall know them by their fruit.  While Dick Cheney lobs F-bombs at members of Congress, George Bush is apparently out flipping off people in the heartland and bowing to Shinto shrines.  Meanwhile, his aides are saying that Iran is next. 
Here is a good idea.  Let's bring back the draft--for NEOCONS!
Can it happen here?  Pastor jailed for offending homosexuals.   


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