Saturday, July 31, 2004

In the News Today...

Christians kicked to the curb in Iraq. Nice to see religious liberty for Christians in the liberated and sovereign Iraq.

Don’t throw your vote away, cast it for Michael Peroutka, says Sam Francis:

"If you'd like to cast a ballot for a conservative this year, forget George W. Bush and don't even blink an eye at the liberal drip from Massachusetts who's the hero of the week. Ralph Nader, believe it or not, actually has some interesting (not necessarily good or right) things to say, but it would be preposterous to claim he's a conservative. The only conservative in the presidential race this year I know of is a gentleman named Michael Peroutka. Take a look at him."

Evangelicals—The Voting Bloc that Won’t Defend Itself. Wall is right, Evangelicals have sold their souls for less than thirty pieces of silver:

"The white evangelical bloc could be a formidable voting bloc indeed. But that can happen only if evangelicals and their leaders shed their inexplicable loyalty to the country-club Republican leadership, beginning with George W. Bush himself.

As for the leftist fantasy of the religious right as being on the verge of taking over the country – well, that's good for fund-raising, but it's simply absurd. In reality, evangelical political leadership is inept and clumsy. It sold out to George W. Bush and was content to receive little in return.

Conservative white evangelicals are so frightened at the prospect of a Democratic victory that they will roll over and play dead for Bush – a man who displays cynical contempt for white, middle-class evangelicals.

It's amazing how so many Christian conservatives will still defend Bush, despite his almost total failure to deliver. It seems that for too many evangelical voters, just having Bush mouth a few platitudes is more than enough."

The Stem Cell Deception. Michael Fumento with a nice summary of some of the arguments against embryonic stem-cell research:

"Ron Reagan made absolutely no reference to an alternative to embryonic stem cells that is decades more advanced and carries absolutely no moral baggage. "Adult stem cells" can be extracted from various places in the human body as well as blood in umbilical cords and placentas."

The theologians over at the Federal Reserve have come to the conclusion that there is less corruption and higher standards of living in societies where large numbers of people believe in hell.

Kerry says his foreign policy won’t be different from George Bush’s. Indeed, Kerry largely supports the Bush Doctrine of preemption.

Is Bush loony? According to this report in Capitol Hill Blue, Mr. Bush is being treated with powerful anti-depressants to control erratic behavior, depression and paranoia.


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