Friday, July 02, 2004

Hey Big Spender

Check out this chart that the Independent Institute has put together. A number of years back, journalist Fred Barnes heralded the rise of "Big Government Conservatism," i.e, Neo-Conservatism. This "movement" has reached its peak with the Bush presidency.

"Since 2001, even with record low inflation, U.S. federal spending has increased by a massive 28.8% (19.7% in real dollars) with non-defense discretionary growth of 35.7% (25.3% in real dollars) the highest rate of federal government growth since the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson. This increase has resulted in the largest budget deficits in U.S. history, over $520 billion in fiscal year 2004 alone."

Even more disturbing, the 2005 deficit projections don't include the ballooning costs of the Iraqi fiasco. Bush is on track to become the first full-term president since John Q. Adams to not veto a spending bill.

If you didn't know better, you would think the Democrats had become the party of fiscal responsibility. But leave it to gigolo (hey, he did marry twice for money, didn't he?) John Kerry to decry Bush's budget cuts!! Yeah, that's right, he said budget cuts.

Amazing, don't you think? In America I can find 150 types of yogurt at the grocery store, but when it comes to politics we have a corrupt cartel, in effect a one-party state where the "competing" parties are little more than wings on the same bird of prey.


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