Friday, July 02, 2004

Do You Feel a Draft?

One reason to fear a George Bush re-election is the looming specter of a re-instituion of the draft. The Neo-Jacobins, er, Neo-Conservatives in the Bush administration are still restrained by public opinion. Were Messrs. Bush and Cheney to have four years with such constraints lifted, there is no telling what type of lunacy might breakout. With U.S. troops currently stationed in 130 countries, and 150,000 infantrymen in the process of remaking Mesopotamia, the armed forces are perilously undermanned. Meanwhile, the Neo-Cons, safely ensconced in their cubicles at the American Enterprise Institute, call for the blood of "Islamo-Fascists" from Malaysia to Morrocco. There are only two solutions to the impending crisis. Either sanity returns to American foreign policy and we turn back from the imperial venture, or we have a draft. What do you think will happen?


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