Biden: More Foreign Workers Needed For Ruling-Class Oligarchs

Originally posted at the American Remnant America’s immigration policy, as I wrote here in February, is little more than a wealth redistribution scheme aimed at enriching ruling class oligarchs at the expense of America’s middle and working classes.  The news of the last week confirms it.  Last Spring, as government-imposed lockdowns wracked the economy, then-President Trump issued a series of proclamations barring the entry of immigrants who posed a risk to the U. S. labor market. The orders primarily affected H-1B visas used by technology companies to hire foreign coders and engineers. On December 31, 2020, Trump issued another proclamation extending the immigrant worker freeze through March 31. This week, President Biden allowed the ban on visas for temporary workers to expire. The decision should please Silicon Valley and Indian IT service companies that have pressured the Biden administration to lift the ban. But even as “Lunch Bucket Joe” from Scranton, Pa., betrays American

The 2020 Race Riots: A Perspective From Louisville

Cross-posted at the Paleo-Populist.    A year has passed since Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her apartment hallway after her boyfriend opened fire on Louisville police attempting to serve a narcotics warrant.  The legacy media combined with Big Tech and Big Business conspired to create a portrait of “systemic racism” and out of control cops serving a “no knock” warrant, gunning down an unsuspecting innocent victim as she tried to sleep in her home.  As always, the truth is more complicated than media spin. First, while a “no knock” warrant was originally issued, the officers announced themselves, knocking multiple times and identifying themselves as police. This was confirmed in testimony provided by a neighbor in an adjoining apartment.  When the officers were unable to get anyone to answer, they breached the door, whereupon they were fired at by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who shot one of the officers in the leg.  In a volley of fire, Taylor was shot six times, thou

Who Benefits From Immigration? Immigrants and Ruling Class Elites. Mass Immigration Is A Massive Wealth Transfer

 Originally published at the American Remnant (2/25/2021) President Biden has set in motion his plans to overwhelm legacy Americans with millions of Third World immigrants , and GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham seemed determined to help him by reintroducing the DREAM Act with Democrat colleague Dick Durbin. But even this quick rush to open the borders and hasten The Great Replacement wasn’t enough for leading evangelicals. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, praised Biden and urged him to act with greater speed, though Biden had already raised the refugee cap to 125,000.  “Now is the time to rebuild America’s refugee resettlement program, and I appreciate these initial steps taken by President Biden,” wrote Moore . “I urge the administration to take the next step and officially raise the refugee ceiling.”   Using the rhetorical tropes that have replaced genuine debate and are designed to reconcile the Chr

Nationalism Is Neither A Heresy, Nor Idolatry, Nor Blasphemy. It’s Piety.

Originally published at the American Remnant (1/31/2021). How should Christians respond to the new wave of nationalism cascading across the globe? Regrettably, too many, most notably those who denounce it, fail to define the term before writing about or discussing it. And their analysis, which typically concludes that nationalism is an unalloyed evil, misapplies proof texts and appeals to emotion or rhetorical tropes. Thus do they baptize the dogma of post-WWII liberal globalism.  Consider the response to the Jericho March, an ecumenical series of prayer vigils that includes Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and media and political celebrities such as Alex Jones, Michele Bachmann, and General Michael Flynn. These small gatherings undoubtedly contain some bizarre theology and strained ecumenism alongside dubious claims of private revelation from the Almighty.  But they are small and relatively inconsequential. Suggesting they are a public threat or dangerous religious movem

Economic Nationalism Is The Way Foward, But It Must Reinforce Culture, Social Traditionalism

 Originally published in the American Remnant (1/6/2021) Now that it appears Donald Trump will not have a second term, many in the GOP ruling class yearn to return to the “socially-moderate fiscal conservatism” of yore, while others call on the party to embrace an ongoing realignment and build a coalition with the working class at its center.  The shift of working-class voters to the GOP has been decades long in the making. The deindustrialization of America, combined with the departure of voters with college degrees for the Democrats, accelerated that flight. The left can no longer caricature the Republican base as bankers, corporate tycoons, and Wall Street fat cats. The protests at the U.S. Capitol today should prove that .     Remember the pointless argument this realignment spurred in 2016? Did economic or cultural concerns propel Trump’s support with the working class? That debate continues, and for no good reason. It is a false dichotomy. Economics and culture

Even At Church, It’s Us Vs. Them

Originally published at the American Remnan t (9/27/2020) "Conservative” orthodox Protestantism is a house divided, and what’s dividing it mirrors a broader political schism: nationalist populism versus elitist globalism. The struggle between the unwashed and their elitist masters — a division that increasingly defines modern politics — has come to church. Evangelicals in the pews are in the crosshairs of their own leaders. Writing for Christianity Today in December, then-editor Mark Galli fired a shot at the Protestant hoi polloi. He disgorged an editorial that called for removing Donald Trump from office. Trump’s removal “is not a matter of partisan loyalties,” he wrote, “but loyalty to the Creator of the Ten Commandments.” That claim is utter nonsense and no faithful Christian need believe it. But that aside, Galli indicted every Christian Trump voter, no matter how reluctant.   But Galli was less concerned about the “grossly immoral conduct” of the president or “the reputation

The Case for Economic Nationalism

  Published in the July, 2020 issue of Chronicles. The current moment poses a range of social, political, and economic threats. As the institutions of globalism become exhausted, the time is ripe to marry immigration restriction, economic nationalism, and populism into a potent America First program. Globalism is the ideological superstructure and linchpin of ruling class power. In practical terms, it depends upon the free movement of people, goods, and ideas. It seeks the diminution and ultimate abolition of borders and boundaries, and of national sovereignty itself. Globalism is a vast interlocking system of technology, telecommunications, economics, culture, and politics that was constructed and imposed by a small, transnational elite. It is built on doctrines of individualism, autonomy, scientism, consumerism, and radical openness. As such, it is inherently destabilizing and revolutionary. It detaches and disembeds local economies and cultures, undermining existing customs